Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ideas inspired from *Just Dreamy* fabric collections

Soooo cute and adorable!! This image was taken from my favourite blog. Just to share with my viewers. These cute dresses was inspired from RILEY BLAKE *Just Dreamy* collections. Ain't those dresses are so gorgeous??

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fat Quarter of Riley Blake *Just Dreamy*

Each Fat Quater from this collection can be mix with each Fat Quarter of Riley Blake *Andrea Victoria*

Fat Quarter of Riley Blake *Andrea Victoria*

Each Fat Quater from this collection can be mix with each Fat Quarter of Riley Blake *Just Dreamy*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fat Quater Fabrics

Here are some ideas of what can you get from 'Fat Quater' fabrics. I'll soon offering you to just purchase combinations of fat quater fabrics in order for my customer creating fancy crafts. Do have a look on my 'Soon to Arrive' posting to get some fancy patterns. Happy browsing you all!!

Fabric 03

Fabric 03: Harlequin Diamond Wave - Multi

Harlequin figure with colorful, patchwork costumes from medieval times. They would travel with gypsy caravans and circus's to dance and entertain, bringing cheers and joy to crowds. This diamond pattern, along with their clown-like appearance, was part of their historical resume. Larger diamonds are about 1/2", 'Harlequin' from the 'Monkeys' Bizness' collection from Alexander Henry.

Available: 0.75 Yard

Fabric 02

Fabric Code: F02 Large Graphic Leaves - Claret

These large scale, graphic leaves have a hard edge that makes them appear to be a collage of cut out paper, layered one on top of the other to give a sense of dimension. The bright palette and abstract paisley leaves add a cutting edge, contemporary take to this brilliant print. Larger paisleys are about 8 1/2", from the 'Rainbow' Gardens' collection by Prints Charming for Marcus Fabrics.

Available: 2 Yards

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fabric 01

Fabric Code: F01 Geometric Blossoms

A geometric layout of mod stylized flowers blossom with delicately designed centers among retro dots in this large scale print done with a tonal palette of fresh summer hues. Pattern repeat is about 6", 'Geometric' from the 'Farmers Market' collection by Sandi Henderson, from Michael Miller Fabrics.

Available : 2 Yards